The Sooner – The Better

When do you get involved an interior designer in your home? 

Last week, clients came to the boutique showroom and asked me “when do we get you involved?” Here’s what I answered: “Ideally, if you are looking for a new house to purchase, as soon as you close the sale and you can get full access to the house, that’s when you’ll get an interior designer involved.”

In any cases, before you make any decisions of purchasing (any home furnishings or home decorating accessories), you must have a professional interior designer help you make the right decisions and avoid faux pas and bad taste decisions (wrong color / size / fabric / etc.).

He can save you time and money by evaluating the potential of your home and what you would like to achieve. He will know if your home needs a minor or major renovation, or not, and if your home needs a minor or major decoration, or not.

By bringing a professional interior designer, you enable yourself to have a plan and to follow that plan to complete your interior design and home project. You can start with one room, complete that room and move to the next one or you can do the entire house. Again, it’s all a question about planning it. With the budget in mind and your goal, an interior designer can translate your style into a beautiful interior that you will not only like but love.

In conclusion, answering your questions before hand so you can avoid mistakes afterwards.

A bientôt!

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