How to optimize your existing space and turning your house into your home?

In step 1 of your decoration project, you must define your needs to accommodate your family and friends.

Let me give you a few examples here…

You are a couple with one child and one other on the way but you don’t want to move? In addition to the master bedroom, you will definitely need one bedroom per child. In that case, we can change your home office into a second bedroom for your baby to be.

Or if you don’t have enough space for a guest room, you have the possibility to fit out a sofa bed in your home office to accommodate your overnight guests and turn it into a nice cozy area with an end table. You can also use a murphy bed if you don’t have room for a regular sofa.

A professional interior designer will know how to advise you in your best interest. If you intend to make some decorating improvements in your house, you can come by at Maison de France or call Blaise at 425-688-1078 to schedule an in home design consultation.

Bonne chance!

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