What is the “Art of French Living?”  It is not merely fashion, cuisine, or style… It’s a way of life.  I see so many interior design clients and guests at my retail store, Maison de France, who are struggling.  The more successful they become, the harder they have to work.  They work hard to have beautiful homes, work hard to stay in shape, work hard to keep their family happy.  In contrast, families in France live differently.  They enjoy wonderful cuisine and wine, but don’t have obesity issues that are in the US.  They pay more taxes, but seem to have the resources to buy beautiful furnishings.  Is it magic?  No, It is the Art of French Living.

My passion is to share this lifestyle, so you can feel happier and healthier in your home.  The use of color and beautiful things are simple ways you can increase joy in your life…without struggle!  Imagine your life if you have a beautiful and comfortable living room that compliments your style and encourages what you want to accomplish in that room.

In a beautiful room, you’ll spend more time.  You’ll feel relaxed.  You’ll want to spend more time at the dinner table with your family.  You won’t feel embarrassed when guests come over and you, your family and guests will want to spend more time there.  You can feel relaxed, your family is happy and you have more time to have quality interactions with people you love.  It’s not magic, that’s just an example of the Art of French Living!

Feel free to join me as I make regular posts with tips on how to incorporate the Art of French Living into your life.

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