Harmony – Shape & Scale in your Home Interior Design

When using Harmony in your home, the size of the room will determine the scale of your furniture.  Also, the shape of the furniture you choose should be in Harmony with shape of your room.

For instance, in a condominium where the space is usually compact, smaller scale furniture is more suitable.  Less is also more, so your space does not get crowded. In a large house, it is important to use the right type and amount of furniture so it has a balanced feel.  Also, just because you have a large space, it doesn’t mean that you can fill the room with a bunch of items.  It’s better to have furniture that you actually use and love.  Don’t be afraid to have open spaces in your room, as long as it still maintains balance in the feel of the room.

As for shape, in a rectangular or squared room, it is appropriate to use rounded furniture. For example, in the kitchen, placing a round shaped table will encourage conversation. Also, round corners soften angular interior architectural details.  The roundness of the furniture will balance the sharp edges of an angular room.

Another great tip is to have an experienced and objective opinion.  Ask someone you trust about their first impression of the room.  Does feel crowded?  Welcoming?  Beautiful? Happy?  You know what activities you want to encourage in your room and your design should be in harmony with that feel.

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