A question of proportion in your home

This post refers to the steps 3 and 4 of your interior design.

It is essential to select the appropriate color/finish, material, floor, wall, ceiling, cabinet and built-in in every room of your house.

Bright colors will light up the space and make your room bigger.  It will also give life to your interior. You must find the right balance and create a harmonious room.

You must like – or even better – love what you acquire when furnishing your home. Always remember that quality furniture and home accessories will last a lifetime.

You can use wall coverings such as wall paper or wall upholstered fabrics to give some warmth to the room.

It doesn’t always need to be monochromatic. In fact, you can mix and match artfully colors with texture and materials to give a positive energy flow.

Using life plants is also very important for the quality of air in your living spaces.


Bon courage!

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How to optimize your existing space and turning your house into your home?

In step 1 of your decoration project, you must define your needs to accommodate your family and friends.

Let me give you a few examples here…

You are a couple with one child and one other on the way but you don’t want to move? In addition to the master bedroom, you will definitely need one bedroom per child. In that case, we can change your home office into a second bedroom for your baby to be.

Or if you don’t have enough space for a guest room, you have the possibility to fit out a sofa bed in your home office to accommodate your overnight guests and turn it into a nice cozy area with an end table. You can also use a murphy bed if you don’t have room for a regular sofa.

A professional interior designer will know how to advise you in your best interest. If you intend to make some decorating improvements in your house, you can come by at Maison de France or call Blaise at 425-688-1078 to schedule an in home design consultation.

Bonne chance!

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Planning Your Interior Decorating Project

“Everything is a question of organization” as my late grand-mother was saying. Planning your next interior decorating project is also a question of organization and figuring out your priorities.


Formal Dining Room

The first step is sitting down and figuring out what you want to accomplish.  Do you want your home to feel warmer and brighter?  Do want the kitchen to reflect your personality?  Do you want to find a tasteful way to display your art collection?  Do you want to ready your home for entertaining during the holidays or create an outdoor living space for the summer?

The biggest mistake I see is clients not taking time to look at their home as a whole.  They may buy furniture, art or decorative pieces without thinking about how they fit in the home.  Even if you don’t have the budget to do an entire remodel right now, it’s still good practice to have a plan in mind so you can slowly add to your home without making wastful purchases.

Consider having a professional interior designer come to your home for a design consultation 1-2 hour

Casual Elegant Dining Room

to show him the room that you need help with.  I find that spending the time with an expert can save you money and headaches in the long run.  Of course, there are good and not so talented designers out there, so make sure you see their portfolio and ask questions on how they work with clients.  You want someone how can express your (not theirs) personality and style through your home.  Do all their projects look the same or do they reflect different homeowners?  Also, a talented designer can give you an honest opinion of what existing pieces you should keep and will know how to blend what you have with other items and design elements.

Once you have approved your designer’s recommendations and interior decorating proposal, allow some time for them to be implemented.  Communicate what you want to accomplish (such as having a formal dining room for Thanksgiving) and work backwards to figure out the timeline and when the project needs to start.

For instance, furniture orders imported from France can take sometimes 3-6 months to be manufactured and shipped, depending on the number of pieces ordered and their custom finishes.

Custom bedding, upholstery, pillows, wall/window treatment usually take 1-2 months to be completed, depending on fabric availability and workroom labor schedule.

Lastly, keep in mind the calendar year with important dates such as the Holidays, the month of August when French factories usually close for summer vacation.

The sooner you start a project, the sooner it will be completed in a timely manner.

Bonne chance !







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