Beyond Beige-Using Harmony to choose a color palette

Don’t be afraid of using color in your home.  The color palette determines the feel of the room and ultimately your home.  Here are a few simple tips you can use to help you choose the right color palette:

  1. What are your favorite colors or feel?  Do you prefer cool (blue, purple, green, turquoise), warm (red, orange, yellow, rose, lavender, brown), or neutral (white, cream, beige, grey, stone)?
  2. Keep in mind texture.  Do you prefer paint, wallpaper or fabric covering on your walls?  Texture can change the impact of the colors your choose.
  3. Understand the function of your room.  Different colors help create different moods in your rooms and selecting colors that compliment the feel you want to create is essential.
  4. There are no rules.  It’s your taste and what mood you want to set.  So, feel free to mix and match colors.
  5. Remember that lighting can change the perception of color.  Before you apply color, think about how much natural light is in the room and what types of light fixtures you plan on using.  Also, if you need to high lighting (such as in a kitchen), choose colors that will look good under those bright lights.
  6. Finish.  For example, in paint, there are three main types of finish (matte, satin and semi-gloss).  Finish can enhance details, such as baseboard trims on walls.  Finish can be subtle by effecting the flow from one room to another, or it can be bold and showcase a featured item.

Remember that the use of color can downplay the rainy weather that we have in the Northwest.  Color can affect your mood.  So, take the time to invest in something that make you smile every day.  Vive les couleurs !

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