A question of proportion in your home

This post refers to the steps 3 and 4 of your interior design.

It is essential to select the appropriate color/finish, material, floor, wall, ceiling, cabinet and built-in in every room of your house.

Bright colors will light up the space and make your room bigger.  It will also give life to your interior. You must find the right balance and create a harmonious room.

You must like – or even better – love what you acquire when furnishing your home. Always remember that quality furniture and home accessories will last a lifetime.

You can use wall coverings such as wall paper or wall upholstered fabrics to give some warmth to the room.

It doesn’t always need to be monochromatic. In fact, you can mix and match artfully colors with texture and materials to give a positive energy flow.

Using life plants is also very important for the quality of air in your living spaces.


Bon courage!

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