Discovering The Art of French Living® :
It all starts here.

Maison de France is an upscale interior design boutique and show-room, carrying exclusively French home furnishings.

What is the “Art of French Living?”
It is not merely fashion, cuisine, or style.
It is a way of life.
So many guests coming to our retail store, Maison de France, are struggling. The more successful they become, the harder they work. They work hard to stay in shape, keep their family happy, but what about having a beautiful home? Too often, busy lives and stressful jobs don’t give you the opportunity to take care of your own home.

Our philosophy

To be happy in your home is also to be happy in your life : This sums up Blaise Bouchand’s vision of the French Art of Living.
“My passion is to share a lifestyle: the Art of French Living; so you can feel happier in your home. The use of color and beautiful things are simple ways to bring joy to your life… without struggling! Imagine your life if you had a beautiful and comfortable living room that compliments your style and reflects your personality.”

Maison de France can offer you today a whole new world, in the comfort of your own home. Your well-being and happiness depend on your home much more than you imagine.
Beyond a place where you eat and sleep, it is the reflection of your lifestyle.

The spirit of Maison de France is to help you achieve the decorating vision you have in mind and exploit the full potential of your home now.
Check out what he has already done here and contact Blaise for an In-Home Design Consultation.

Feel free to like us on Facebook and check our blog as Blaise writes regular posts with tips on how to incorporate the Art of French Living into your life.

This website uses as backgrounds :
French fabric by Braquenié “Damas Senlis” Col. Jaune impérial
French fabric by Pierre frey “Vénus” Coloris original

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